Taking Part

Anyone can take part in Picponty. You can share your photos on Twitter – using #picponty or post them on our Facebook page.

You may wish to formally submit your photographs to the project for possible inclusion in the exhibition to take place in March 2014. This must be done using the submission form below.

submission-form (3) 7-12-13 Eng

Conditions of taking part

Submitted photographs will be uploaded, by us, to our Flickr Photostream.  Online, photos  will be identified with the name given by you on the submission form. This could be an individual’s name, a pseudonym or the name of a group. A selection of photos will be printed and exhibited at St David’s Uniting Church,  March 15- 29 2014.

You will be asked to confirm that:

  • The picture is your original work
  • You have the consent of any individuals (or their parent/guardian) who feature prominently in the picture, for their picture to be used.
  • You agree to your photo being published on the internet and exhibited (if selected)

It is expected that all photographs shared with us as part of the project, including those posted on Facebook or on Twitter, are done so in the spirit of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

Creative Commons License

We reserve the right not to upload any photograph which we consider to be inappropriate or offensive



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